Our full truck load is based on a unique model which allows us to have unbelievably fast transit.  Our full truck services are leveraged by many industries like pharmaceuticals, automotive industry, chemicals, food and beverages, electronics and many more. Our fulltruck load services gives you transportation facility from your doorstep to the desired destination. We provide transparency with our advance tracking system, which gives you live tracking option of your goods to monitor its progress. It also give you tamper proof transit for your precious goods.


Benefits of Full Truck Load:

Fast Transit:

Our full truck load model will reduce transit time significantly. With our fast transit work, we can provide unmatched transportation system to our customers while lowering storage cost, cutting down inventory cost, reducing work capital and preventing our customers from stock-outs.

Increased reliability and consistency

Our entire process is completely technologically driven hence data obtained are in real time and are more accurate. Our trucks are equipped with sensors to detect their live locations, which is important while monitoring entire transportation process. Our entire system is automated which enable us to attain maximum accuracy.

Increased Transparency:

One of the most exciting feature of our system is that we provide end-to-end visibility to our customers. From their request acceptance, real time vehicle tracking to automated arrival alerts of loading and unloading, we provide every information to our customers.

If you are looking for exceptional service, this is to choose. This model of our services is enabled by various centers of our processing units expanded across the country, which reduces our transit time drastically while improving delivering time and efficiency of entire process. Our services are customized to cater needs of all range of business requirements.


Highest Reliability

Our fully technology integrated system provide high level of reliability to our customers. Automated processes, on-time dispatch and delivery, live tracking and monitoring system provides a sense of assurance to our customers.


Safe operations

Our aim is to provide a peaceful and hassle-free experience.


Low Transit Times

All our centers located at different locations enables fast movements. Since our entire process is technology enabled, most of our process are automated and hence transit time is significantly reduced.

Complete Transparency:

Our system’s aim is to provide end-to-end visibility to our customers. We provide information to our customers at each level, with real time vehicle tracking to automated arrival alerts to keep them informed and at peace.

We take care of your temperature sensitive freights as well!! We fully understand the perishable nature of certain goods likes fruits, vegetables, chocolates, ice-creams, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and etc. Therefore, we provide transportation services through our Cold Chains products.


Distinctive Feature of Cold Chains:


Fast Transit

Our cold chain products ensure that there is significant reduction in transit time. Our fast transit service ensure that the products are reached to our customers in minimum time and hence reducing cold storage expenses on their head. It also allow customers to receive fresh products, while reducing the stock-outs at their stores.


No Temperature abuse

Since we care about what we deliver, we maintain proper temperature for sensitive and perishable products. All the vehicles are fitted with real-time temperature monitoring system, which enable us to avoid any type of temperature abuse and to take immediate action in case of any temperature changes.


Assured Quality

We have quality assurance system integrated in our system, which enable us to deliver highest quality services. Our highly trained operations staff got all quality related issues covered.



We have live tracking and monitoring services for all of our running vehicles. This facility allows us to know real time location of vehicles.