Cold Chain and its Importance

The Cold Chain supply primarily involves the transportation of products that are temperature-sensitive along a supply chain through thermal and refrigerated packing method and the logistical planning to protect the integrity of these shipments.

There are several means in which cold chain products can be transported, including refrigerated trucks, railcars and air cargo.

Apart from this cold chain is also a public health issue because the correct transport of food products under efficient conditions will reduce the likeliness of bacterial, microbial, and fungal contamination of the shipment.

Introduction to FROSTY

With the expanding demand and supply of cold chain logistics in the fields of agriculture, healthcare, speciality chemicals, processed food and life science the reliance on the cold chain continues to gain major importance.

In order to take the cold chain logistics of our country one step forward, our professionals at HGR Logistics are very pleased to inform you that we’ve launched our very own Cold Chain Logistics, Frosty.

Our highly equipped temperature controlled warehouse and  trained workforce are very efficient to carry out all procedure carefully as cold chain logistics favour higher levels of integrity requires a higher level of control of all processes involved.


More than Sufficient Space

Blast Freezers



  • Cold Chain Warehouse Managment
  • Strong and modern infrastructure keeping in mind the global building standards
  • More than 5 lakh sq.ft. area of space and planning to cover 50 lakh space to 2021
  • Blast Freezers that cool upto 40 degree celsius for processed products
  • Around 5400 multi temperature palett positions at the NCR warehouse
  • Upcoming 7000 palett cold chain warehouse all over the country
  • Humidity controll for healthcare and life sciences products that need between 35-65% RH


  • All the transportation vehicles have temperature controllers
  • All the transportation vehicles have GPS tracking alongwith online temperature visibility
  • The refrigerated vehicles have payload that ranges from 1-8 tons
  • A central control tower for all the qualitative services
  • Stainless steel panels and import units with digital data logger, 40kg/m3 density PUF with 100-120mm thickness.